Gun and Ammunition Safety – My Take

There isn’t any query {that a} loaded gun may be harmful. Any accountable individual is aware of this and makes each effort to deal with their gun safely. That is simply being sensible.

However maybe not everybody is aware of the fundamental methods and “finest practices” for dealing with weapons and ammo. Listed here are a number of options based mostly on my a few years as a gun fanatic and somebody who takes gun security critically.

Security Is A Mindset

Gun security efforts search to create a sure angle and applicable habits by following some easy guidelines. The mindset must be… firearms are inherently harmful and should all the time be dealt with with care. Gun handlers are taught to deal with firearms with respect for his or her damaging capabilities, and strongly discouraged from taking part in or toying with firearms, a standard reason for accidents.

The frequent sense guidelines of gun security comply with from this mindset.

Initially Colonel Jeff Cooper developed 4 guidelines are these mostly taught throughout gun security coaching. John Dean “Jeff” Cooper (Could 10, 1920 – September 25, 2006) was acknowledged as the daddy of what’s generally referred to as “the Trendy Approach” of handgun capturing, and was thought-about by many to be one of many twentieth century’s foremost worldwide consultants on the use and historical past of small arms. Listed here are his 4 guidelines:


  1. Deal with all weapons as if they’re loaded.
  2. By no means let the muzzle cowl something you aren’t keen to destroy.
  3. Hold your finger off the set off till your sights are on the goal.
  4. Make certain of your goal and what’s past it.


The NRA gives an identical algorithm:


  1. ALWAYS maintain the gun pointed in a protected course.
  2. ALWAYS maintain your finger off the set off till able to shoot.
  3. ALWAYS maintain the gun unloaded till prepared to make use of.

Deal with Weapons As If They Are Loaded


Many firearm accidents end result from the handler mistakenly believing a firearm is emptied, safetied, or in any other case disabled when the truth is it is able to be discharged.

If a gun handler all the time treats firearms as able to being discharged at any time, the handler is extra prone to take precautions to forestall an unintentional discharge and to keep away from harm or harm if one does happen. In different phrases it turns into a behavior and a single mindset.

Level the Muzzle Away From Any Goal

This rule is meant to reduce the harm attributable to an unintended discharge. The primary rule teaches {that a} firearm have to be assumed to be prepared to fireplace. This rule goes past that and says, “Because the firearm would possibly fireplace, assume that it’s going to and ensure no hurt happens when it does.”

A consequence of this rule is that any sort of taking part in or “toying” with firearms is prohibited. Playfully pointing firearms at folks or different non-targets violates this rule. To discourage this type of habits, the rule is typically alternately said, “By no means level a firearm at something until you plan to shoot it.”

Hold Fingers off the Set off

This rule is meant to forestall an unintended discharge. In case your finger will not be on the set off usually the gun can’t be shot. If a finger is on the set off a handler’s finger could involuntary transfer for a lot of causes.


  • The handler is startled
  • There is a lack of full consideration on physique actions
  • There could also be physiological causes past acutely aware management resembling a spasm
  • The handler stumbles or falls
  • The finger being pushed by one thing (as when making an attempt to holster a handgun with one’s finger on the set off)


Handlers are subsequently taught to reduce the dangerous results of such a movement by holding their finger off the set off till the muzzle is pointing on the goal and the handler needs to discharge the firearm.

Be Certain of Your Goal and What Is Past It

Gun handlers are taught that they need to positively establish and confirm their goal. Moreover, they study that even when firing at a sound goal, unintended targets should still be hit, for 3 causes:

– The bullet could miss the supposed goal and hit a non-target round or past the goal.
– A non-target could cross in entrance of the goal and be hit with a bullet aimed on the goal.
– The bullet could cross by way of the supposed goal and hit a non-target past it, so referred to as “over penetration”.

Due to this fact, this rule requires a handler to make certain of each the goal itself and something alongside the avenue of journey to and past the goal.

Gun Storage

Though this isn’t a part of the generally expressed guidelines of gun dealing with, I would like so as to add that gun storage MUST be included in any security mindset. The story of youngsters discovering a loaded gun and capturing themselves or a playmate is all too frequent.

Make sure you retailer weapons in a locked and protected place and all the time make certain it isn’t loaded. Additionally make certain any Ammunition is locked away. Present a clear, dry and completely different place to retailer ammo. Weapons are ineffective with out ammo, so make sure to retailer the 2 in several places.

The unhappy tales of youngsters being injured, though uncommon, would be the greatest issue within the public’s unfavorable viewpoint available weapons.

Be Secure For Everybody’s Profit

These 4 frequent sense guidelines are the excepted primary mindset and finest practices for all gun homeowners. If we wish the game we like to be accepted and develop, all gun lovers should take these practices to coronary heart. Following these practices and creating this mindset not solely could save a life however improve the acceptance of weapons.

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